Amplify Podcast E13: Tiffany Sauder

About This Episode

Tiffany Sauder is the President of Element Three, a strategic brand & marketing agency based in Indianapolis. She is also speaking at the eX Summit on August 3 at Butler University, and this podcast gives you some real insight into why you should attend, and the quality of professionals that will be there.

This is an incredible episode. Seriously. You can hear the passion in Tiffany's voice. It's so refreshing to meet someone that is as passionate 12 years into a company as they were back when their journey first started. This is what podcasting is all about for me. Tiffany shares some valuable insight into marketing, building a culture, leadership, happiness, and what she loves about indy! I'm so thankful to have captured this conversation and share it with you.

We highly recommend you attend the eX Summit in Indy. This event is perfect for employers, employees, and even startup founders. Culture is everything in the modern market. You future success will depend on understanding and applying these concepts. 

Tickets are only $30, and if you use code AMPLIFYEX5 you'll get $5 off. That is an incredible value for an event full of passionate and successful professionals just like Tiffany.

Please visit for more information and to purchase tickets.

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